Amazing Results in Reward Based Training!

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Amazing results in Reward Based Training Techniques.

Yesterday I started our basic obedience training with the household of the Orhlulu! In just one training session, we have focused on very specific criteria or objective. The beauty of reward base training is you not only achieved your results, you also help dogs that are fearful or skittish to be more confident and willing to offer more behaviors.

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Our prime focus or objective as below;

Jie Jie - Since she does not have an Off switch, we decided to work on her settle behavior. We want to put a cue to this behavior and can call into action as and when we need it. After many attempts in shaping this settle behavior, finally Jie Jie is giving this settle behavior very frequently. She even offer this behavior in a prolong time.

Di Di - This boy is rather skittish and lack of confident, we decided to work on him on Name Calling and Touch Exercise. Name Calling ensure this boy to be always ready to be called. Name calling also make the value of the dog's name.

Touch Game or Exercise will help to build confident in DiDi. After a few repetition, he is so into targeting and DiDi has almost forgotten what is fear .... it's very thrilled and comforted to see dogs under your charge regain confident. DiDi targeting is very strong, now he can also do high touches.

Mei Mei - A very young puppy who is very eager, full of energy and busybody. We decided to work on her Sit and discourging height seeking. After repetition, MM Sit has strengthen and height seeking has deceases in ferquently.

A good results from training and we need to stick to our criteria and/or behaviors and continue to reinforce these behaviors.

I'm looking forward to the next training session and see these dogs improve their skill-sets leap and bound. Positive Training Rock!

Have fun & stay positive!

Dexter Sim, Dog Trainers

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