I Can Train a Versatile Star Dog!

I can train a versatile Star-Dog!

Dog Frisbee

I can train a versatile Star-Dog! Yes, it is possible for those who believe!

By the way, what is a Versatile Dog you may ask? Versatile means your dog can perform proficiently in at least 2 or more discipline.

What are the available dog sports discipline? How many are available in Singapore?

Dog Agility Class

In short, there are THREE, 3, Broad Category; The Confirmation and/or Show Dog, the Obediences and/or Field type competition and the Dog Sports.

Conformation Dog Show

1. The Confirmation Show are the discipline to show how a particular breed should look like, the structure and the gait or gaming ability.

In Singapore, we have the Singapore Kennel Club that holds periodically Dog Shows under the banner of FCI, AKU and SKC Dog Shows.

2. The Obedience Trial, is a discipline where all dogs go through a series of structure exercises and the winning team is based on 3As concepts, Attention, Attitude and Accuracy.

Competitiove Obedience

In the Schutzhund Field Sports, we are looking at Obedience, Protection and Tracking. Each sub discipline require good training to be good at it.

In Singapore, we have Singapore Kennel Club (Obedience), German Shepherd Dog Club (Obedience, Protection, Tracking) and others like USDAA who offers Rally Obedience Classes.

3. Dog Sports - in this discipline, it includes, Dog Agility, DISC Dogging, Doggy Dancing, Flyball and Flygility.

Dog Agility is a timed game, the competing teams negotiate a series of obstacles such as Bar Jumps, Tunnels, A-frame, tester, Dog walk etc. The winning is the team that get across all obstacles at the Best timing with No faults. Agility test your speed, control and scalability of the dog.

Disc Doggy or Frisbee Dog is a sport where the dog runs a routine of freestyle dog disc moves such as take, backflip, backflip , juggling etc.

The winning team usually display the best team work, routines, flow and Accuracy of the catches.

Sometime you may hear certain local clubs playing the Longest Catch and/or the Distance & Accuracy.

Doggy Dancing is a routine of any dancing moves with your dog, dancing to the rhythm. Dog dancing comes with two sub discipline, Homework to Music and the Freestyle.

Flyball is a very exciting discipline, usually you have the loudest cheer. Flyball is a time game, where each team consists of 4 dogs and each team will race down a track of 4 jumps and retrieve a ball from a Flyball box. And team will the fastest time wins.

Fly-gility is a combination of Agility plus Flyball and every team needs to negotiate a set of Agility obstacle and go to a jump and retrieve the box from the Flyball box before making the return trip. And the team with the fastest timing with least fault win the game.