Dog Assistant Trainer - My Fabulous K9 Assistant!

Dog Assistant Trainer - My Fabulous K9 Assistant!

To All My Fabulous Dog Assistant Trainers past and present!


Benji in Flying Disc Back Vault, Disc Dogging

My very first K9 assistant was OTCH res Diamondisle Loch-N-Legasi CD, PS1, PJ1, Benji

Benji was the pioneer as a canine assistant trainer in our classes. He greeted all Canines Friends and Owners alike. But I'm sure he loved the owners most. Because of the generous rewards, affections given to him.

Benji was awesome in Class, he would sit through the entire 1 - 1.5 hours of dog training per class. His present allows other dogs to calm down and quickly gets into the class proper. Benji was very often a Demo dog to show the class how a particular exercise is being done and rewarded appropriately.

Millie, Dog Obedience

Our Second Dog assistant is OTCH Diamondisle Millenium Millie, JD

Millie provides the actual lessons you can learn on how to manage a hyper dog. Even at 11 years old, she herd, frisbee catching, jumping on your back and leg stalled.

However, in class, she is involved rounding up her class and herd them back in class proper.

Millie is a superb demo dog in training. She roams around but stays within the class. This girl exhibits Good Canine Quality and see how a well trained dog can perform and stay relevant in real life situation like Park Setting.