Build a Pre-Trials routine!

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Build a Pre-Trials Routine!

Building a Pre-Trials Routine, what do you mean?

Most of us started the journey of picking up a Sport, be a Dog Sports, we all started from the following phases.

The Hobby – an activity that someone does for pleasure when they are not working.

The Amateur - a person who engages in a pursuit, especially a sport, on an unpaid rather than a professional basis.

The Professional - engaged in a specified activity as one's main paid occupation rather than as an amateur.

We started to enjoy the games, love the challenges and eventually, we want to prove a point that we have what it take to be very good at it and we can build a business based on our hobby.

Some of us will lose some money, whereas some of us, lost a lot of money, and this is called a HOBBY. Some of us, make good money such as a Professional.

Today, I am not talking about how to build a Dog Training Business, but rather how to build a Pre-Trials routine if you want to do well in Competition or Trials.

What Dog Sport are you thinking of competing? Competitive Dog Obedience? Competitive Dog Agility?

Below are the trail of events or activities leads up to the Competition.

The weeks before Competition The Ride to Trials Venue Set Up for Success The Warm Up Actual Competition

The Warm Down Reconnect with the Fun The Wind-down The Journey home Follow up the training routine

As we are focusing on the Pre-Trials Routine, we will not touch on the events or activity after the Actual Competition, which is highlighted in BLUE.

Warm up in Trials

The weeks before Competition

As soon as I submitted and paid for the upcoming Competition, I am fully aware of what am I getting into. And how can I prepare for the BIG DAY! If I have well trained dog, my dog already know what he should know and by drilling what he doesn’t know, will NOT ONLY discourage my dog, it will set us up on the wrong foot as we make preparations. At this stage, I want my dog to enjoy every training sessions, it will build confidence and make our Team Performances better.

In the weeks leading to the actual Competition, I sometimes adopt ONE DAY train and the OTHER DAY just simply having fun, walking, swimming, grooming, my aim is to relax both my dog and myself.

Alternate days dog training, I have found effective, as my boy enjoys every part of the training and building bonds sessions. I will keep myself very positive, work on what my dog is good at, gets loads of reinforcement and fine tune some weak points and looking forward positively. My attitude, my mood and my body language will tell my dog if we will have the chance to WIN this round.

The Ride to Trials Venue

Riding to the trials ground is an important preparation as I gather my inner beliefs for the Competition. Remember NOT to travel with negative people. It’s better to travel alone than to bring along negative energy that will influence and affect your mental preparation.

Set Up for Success

I always like to go early to the trials ground. So that I can choose the crating area, away from the mainstream of activity. I need a crating area where I can put my dog into to rest and re-focus off the surrounding. Being early, always provide my team with an opportunity to explore the trials environment, the hypes, the energy and intensity. Some dogs will need more time to settle in, being there early gives is an edge. Parking nearer to the trail ground will also help us to better move our belongings and dogs, avoiding unnecessary conflict.

Competitive Dog Obedience

The Warm Up